The Muses Aonie, Zeus and Mnemosine’s daughters, are nine characters of the greek mythology.

Their name arise from mount Elicona, mount placed in a region called Beozia, where the Aoni lived, this is the reason why they are also called Aonie. In the ancient mythology the importance of Aonie was very relevant because they represented the supreme ideal of art as they were also their patrons and poets, philosophers and musicians’ source of inspiration. Aonie brand was born in 2008 from the encounter/clash of two sisters, Paola and Consuelo. The goal is to create a jewellery-accessory, a well balanced dialogue between bijoux and jewellery. The project embrace fashion, tradition and femininity with an attentive look to trends and a huge care for details. The stylist’s profile of the logo looks like a butterfly meaning freedom, freedom to be yourself, to communicate your life style just like Aonie jewels. The roots of the brand are deeply embedded in art history, costumes and Italian goldsmiths that Paola and Consuelo revised in a contemporary vein. The task is to distinguish themselves by offering accessories created using unusual materials in order to live a dream. Semi-precious materials and attentive Italian goldsmiths give to Aonie the value that characterize it as an unique brand. Silver plates are designed creating decorative motifs. New chromatics are made of different colors of silver : burnished, gold and rose joined with semiprecious stone giving jewels a new life. Laces are plated on the top looking like a “sculpture”; earrings are light maintaining the soft soul of the lace inside and the gold armour outside. Aonie jewel is thought to be wearing, touched and experienced. It’s a new way to be contemporary, understatement with poetry.