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The bracelet can be personalized with the predefined engravings or with words and numbers of your choice.
If a personal design is desired select "Personalized" and type the desired word in the field, max 5 characters vertically and max 8 characters horizontally.



Green Agate

Gold 9kt



Small - 25 mm x 15 mm

Medium - 30 mm x 17 mm

Circumference of the bracelet is adjustable.


An Angel is writing...

Angel Numbers is a collection inspired by angelic power and by the power of universal energies, each gemstone channels a unique message through lucky numbers and mantra phrases.

The collection is set in an ancestral, dreamlike and spiritual world, and invites people to capture positive energy and use it to achieve goals.


The angelic numbers connect with the divine world and can help make wishes come true.

Green Agate Angel Numbers Bracelet

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